Weekly Goals: A Successful First Week

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Last week’s goals:

1. Track My Points: A+
I tracked every food I ate, measured out my portions properly, and by the end of the week used a little over half of my extra weekly points. I feel so much better overall, my clothes feel more comfortable, and I lost three pounds! I’d call that a successful first week.

2. Workouts: A+
4 times this week! I hit my workout goal for the first time in a while. Aaaand I realized something pretty cool. When I started out with this upper body workout four-ish weeks ago, I was doing 10 moves and 10 reps of each of those moves for a total of 100 reps. And I was dying by the end of it. Now I’m doing 15 (or more depending on my energy level) moves and 15 reps of each… which means I’m doing 225+ reps each workout! I’ve more than doubled what I was doing at the start and I’m kinda proud of that.

3. Finish Jasper Photos: A+ 
They’re finished, uploaded to my site, and are waiting to be published tomorrow!

This week’s goals:

1. Workouts
Upper body and squats again. I’d like to make it to 2 sets of 10 reps of each move by the last workout this week. That might be a bit of a lofty goal but I think I can push myself and do it!

2. Edit Photos on Camera
Well, technically they’re not on my camera anymore- I just uploaded them to my computer. But I have a few photos to edit and post hopefully sometime this week.

3. Backup + Cleanup Computer
My computer desktop is a mess and it’s driving me a little crazy. Also I have a video I’d like to edit, but I can’t download the video editor until I update my computer OS. Which I can’t do until my computer is properly backed up in case something goes wrong.

4. Go Through Camping Gear
Levi and I are hoping to go camping this weekend if the weather forecast looks okay so I need to go through our gear and sort out what’s what and just do some general organization.

. . .

I also need to do some general housework and yard work- tidying, cleaning, laundry, weeding, watering, etc. And figure out how to fix my coffee machine that stopped working this morning. Happy Monday to me, right? ha. At least I have my french press. And Starbucks right down the road if necessary.

I’m off now to drink another cup of coffee and tackle some of this to-do list of mine. What are you guys hoping to get accomplished this week? Leave a comment below and let me know!

  • Kristi Jasik - Good job!!!! Keep up the great work! Oh a broken coffee maker is NOT the best way to start a day….sigh. Hope you fixed it!ReplyCancel

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