Three Years

Today Levi and I are celebrating our three year wedding anniversary!

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He’s currently at work, so I’m sitting here going through our wedding photos (allll the feels) while I wait for him to get home and marvelling at how much our relationship has grown in the past three years. And also marvelling at the fact that it has been three years already.

When we first got married, everything was new… every day an adventure. We were constantly learning something new about the other, figuring out a routine and how to do life together. Now, somewhere in the last three years, we’ve settled into this wonderful, comfortable familiarity and I can’t imagine life any other way.

three years (my thoughts on life, love, and marriage) |

Falling in love is fun and exciting… the butterflies, the nervous smiles, the romantic dates. But love as I know it now – a true, deep, “familiar” love – is so much more beautiful to me now. We’ve been through some hard days. He’s seen me at my very worst, on the days when I don’t even get out of my pjs, on the days when I’m petty and bitter… and his love for me doesn’t waver. All those imperfections that you try to hide when you’re first together… they come out, and somehow you love each other even more despite (or maybe because of) those things.

We’ve been married for three years now. The excitement of those first months as newlyweds has turned into this beautiful, steady partnership. Someone asked me a little while ago if marriage was everything I hoped it would be… and after thinking about it, I realized that it’s not. It’s so much better. I never imagined that marriage could be so good. It’s not a glamorous lifestyle, a “movie romance”. It’s a steady, strong, unwavering love… a friendship.. a partnership… a beautiful, wonderful life together. I rely on him, and he on me. We encourage each other, dream together, plan together… and sometimes just be together.

three years (my thoughts on life, love, and marriage) |

Life looks a little different at three years than we thought it would. People might think we’re not really doing anything with our life. We’re not adopting pets, or buying a house, or having babies. The past two years have been difficult financially. Work was scarce, and the jobs that did come along tended to be out of town. There was a period of about two months when I only saw Levi on the weekend before he headed out again. It wasn’t easy… but we made it work. He’s moved into a new role in his company now, work has started to pick up, and life has gotten easier. While I don’t ever wish to repeat the financial difficulty of the last two years… I am grateful for what’s come out of it. We learned valuable life skills and if nothing else, we grew so much stronger as a couple. We learned to rely more on each other, to communicate better, to find contentment and happiness in hard times… and I’m thankful for that.

three years (my thoughts on life, love, and marriage) |

On our wedding day, we vowed to love and stand by each other for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health. We had no idea what we were getting into, we’d never experienced what marriage was like. We just knew that we were madly in love with each other and that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Three years later, we still are and do… and even more so now. That love we had for each other on our wedding day has bloomed into something so much… more. Life has thrown a few curves our way but we’ve come out stronger, with a deep gratitude for each other, and a renewed commitment to weathering any and every hardship together.

He keeps me laughing. Every single day… even on the bad days. He makes me happy when skies are grey. Or sunny. Just… all the time.

three years (my thoughts on life, love, and marriage) |

Happy three years, darling. I’m so excited for all the years and adventures to come… and most of all, to experience them with you.

three years (my thoughts on life, love, and marriage) |

  • Kristi jasik - What a BEAUTIFUL post and such a lovely tribute to your marriage!!!! Love you!ReplyCancel

  • Char - Well said Karen and great job you two! Marriage is hard but so worth it ?ReplyCancel

    • Karen - Thank you, Char! You’re so right.ReplyCancel

  • Janelle - Beautiful post!! Marriage keeps getting better and better over the years.ReplyCancel

    • Karen - Thanks, Janelle! And that’s what I’ve been told… I’m looking forward to the years to come!ReplyCancel

  • Nita Hopewwell - How beautiful!!!No only seeing some pictures that I think it was

    the first time for at least two of them—-or is my memory


    • Karen - Thank you! I can’t remember which ones I’ve posted… we had hundreds from our wedding day, so there’s a very good chance you might be seeing some for the first time!ReplyCancel

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