Our AdoramaPix Wedding Album

When our AdoramaPix wedding album was delivered last month, I knew I had to photograph it and share it here on the blog! We received our digital files from our photographer, Mikaela, as soon as we were back from our honeymoon and while I absolutely loved browsing through them on the computer, I knew I wanted to make a wedding album. There’s something really special about printed photos.

It took me this long to make the album because I was so picky about choosing a company to print with.  This one was too expensive, that one didn’t have the size option I wanted, this other one didn’t have lay flat pages, another was only for professional photographers… I did a ridiculous amount of research, but I wanted our album to turn out exactly like I was envisioning. I had nearly given up when I came across AdoramaPix. They had the size option I wanted, their albums were affordable and came standard with lay flat pages, and I didn’t have to be a professional photographer to sign up for an account. I did a ton of research on their products; I wanted to know what their customers had to say about the prints and books they received. Nearly every single review and blog I found was overwhelmingly positive so I decided to give them a go.

The design process was incredibly easy and I was able to create the album in no time at all… once I narrowed down which pictures I wanted to include, that is. ;) I ordered three copies of the album (one for us, and one for each of our families) and then basically held my breath until they arrived.

When they arrived, I was blown away by the quality. I had opted for their basic photo book (vs. their premium Hudson Albums) and I was absolutely thrilled with it. The pages are super thick, the colouring is perfect, and it is everything I had hoped for.

I photographed every page so you all could see just how gorgeous it is!

Our AdoramaPix Wedding Album-35_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-1_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-2_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-3_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-4_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-5_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-6_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-7_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-8_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-9_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-10_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-11_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-12_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-13_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-14_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-15_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-16_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-17_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-18_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-19_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-20_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-21_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-22_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-23_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-24_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-25_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-26_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-27_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-28_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-29_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-30_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-31_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-32_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-33_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-34_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-36_blog

I also took a couple of photos to show off the lay flat pages… I was really impressed at the practically nonexistent gutter between pages.

Our AdoramaPix Wedding Album-37_blogOur AdoramaPix Wedding Album-38_blog

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  • Kristi Jasik - Sigh…beautiful, and I have the book!!! Love it so much, it really is very high quality and yes the pictures are stunning…thank you for sharing and I shared your link so maybe my family can see it also! Love you! MomReplyCancel

  • Libby - Thank you so much for this lovely review – your wedding was beautiful and so thankful you trusted us to preserve your memories. – LibbyReplyCancel

  • janelle - it looks absolutely beautiful! What size did you go with?ReplyCancel

  • Kyndal - THANK YOU for this review! I have been searching for some feedback on their products, as I am considering creating our wedding album with AdoramaPix. I am curious…what paper did you choose?ReplyCancel

    • Karen - so sorry for the late reply, Kyndal!! I’ve been out of town and then had family visiting us. to answer your question, I just went with their basic “Luster” finish and I was thrilled with it! I chose the most basic options they offered and it was still such a high quality book. I would highly recommend them for printing your wedding album. best of luck to you!ReplyCancel

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