Astotin Lake Sunset

Last weekend, we went out to Astotin Lake (basically our favourite spot at Elk Island!) for the sunset. I brought along my camera and tripod in hopes of getting some nice sunset shots. Unfortunately the clouds moved in and it wasn’t the sky I’d hoped for… but I have to say, I kind of love how these turned out anyway!

I also thought I’d mention that these shots were taken fully on manual mode! I had enough time to set my camera up properly without feeling stressed and with a little patience, trial and error, and (let’s be honest) a little help from google, I was able to get some shots I really like.

Astotin Lake Sunset | karendrakeblog.comAstotin Lake Sunset | karendrakeblog.comAstotin Lake Sunset | karendrakeblog.comAstotin Lake Sunset |

By this time, the wind direction had changed and smoke from the campsites started to blow in over the lake. And the mosquitos were intense. I had repellant spray on so I wasn’t getting bitten, but they actually were making it difficult to shoot! I had to edit sooo many blurred bugs out of these photos. (I’m sure I missed some too. I kind of gave up after a while, ha!)

Astotin Lake Sunset | karendrakeblog.comAaand the last little bit of light before we decided to head home.

Astotin Lake Sunset |

I definitely have a lot more practice to do when it comes to manual… it still stresses me out. But I’m good with small steps like these. I find that when I’m learning something new or trying to create a new habit, small steps are key… especially when they involve stepping out of my comfort zone. (out of auto!) These photos are a small step to shooting in manual. They aren’t perfect by any means but I’m proud of them nonetheless.

  • Kristi Jasik - Pretty epic pictures!!! The colors are just incredible! I have to admit I sat here LOOKING for the mosquitos you MAY have missed…sigh, I need to get out more! FYI I didn’t find any….I think these are terrific and I proud of you learning new techniques! The first picture of the canoe…we’ve been doing a church age study on Wednesday nights for a while and Bro Danny always starts with a picture of the people in a canoe saying its fellowship, two men in a ship…lol, then he shows it again at the end as he closes…your picture made me think of Bro Danny today…lol. He’s in Germany I think! Keep up the good work!!!ReplyCancel

  • Barb D - Wow….just simply wow!!! I have a bad habit I must simply find time and correct it….I check ur blog way too seldom and then when I do check in I am amazed and awed always always at ur unbelievable talent in photography!!! I am so proud of you.
    Ur pics are a pleasure to view and They make me feel like I have been there…..also it is such a treat to see ur beloved faces and smiles!!!
    Thank you for this blog and for sharing ur life in photos….we miss so much being apart from each other and at least this way you don’t feel so far away.
    One of ur biggest fans!!!!
    Love u
    Mom DReplyCancel

  • Susanna - I wanna say that I miss and hope you will be still write posts.ReplyCancel

  • Kira Barfield - These photos are awesome!!!
    Such a great job. You are truly talentedReplyCancel

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