Astotin Lake Sunset

Last weekend, we went out to Astotin Lake (basically our favourite spot at Elk Island!) for the sunset. I brought along my camera and tripod in hopes of getting some nice sunset shots. Unfortunately the clouds moved in and it wasn’t the sky I’d hoped for… but I have to say, I kind of love how these turned out anyway!

I also thought I’d mention that these shots were taken fully on manual mode! I had enough time to set my camera up properly without feeling stressed and with a little patience, trial and error, and (let’s be honest) a little help from google, I was able to get some shots I really like.

Astotin Lake Sunset | karendrakeblog.comAstotin Lake Sunset | karendrakeblog.comAstotin Lake Sunset | karendrakeblog.comAstotin Lake Sunset |

By this time, the wind direction had changed and smoke from the campsites started to blow in over the lake. And the mosquitos were intense. I had repellant spray on so I wasn’t getting bitten, but they actually were making it difficult to shoot! I had to edit sooo many blurred bugs out of these photos. (I’m sure I missed some too. I kind of gave up after a while, ha!)

Astotin Lake Sunset | karendrakeblog.comAaand the last little bit of light before we decided to head home.

Astotin Lake Sunset |

I definitely have a lot more practice to do when it comes to manual… it still stresses me out. But I’m good with small steps like these. I find that when I’m learning something new or trying to create a new habit, small steps are key… especially when they involve stepping out of my comfort zone. (out of auto!) These photos are a small step to shooting in manual. They aren’t perfect by any means but I’m proud of them nonetheless.

  • Kristi Jasik - Pretty epic pictures!!! The colors are just incredible! I have to admit I sat here LOOKING for the mosquitos you MAY have missed…sigh, I need to get out more! FYI I didn’t find any….I think these are terrific and I proud of you learning new techniques! The first picture of the canoe…we’ve been doing a church age study on Wednesday nights for a while and Bro Danny always starts with a picture of the people in a canoe saying its fellowship, two men in a ship…lol, then he shows it again at the end as he closes…your picture made me think of Bro Danny today…lol. He’s in Germany I think! Keep up the good work!!!ReplyCancel

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