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Happy Leap Day!! Since this day only comes around once every four years, I thought I would take advantage of it and do something fun on the blog.

You probably know that I’m a strong believer in choosing happiness and a positive outlook on life. I try every day to focus on the good. It’s a battle most days simply because it’s easier to see the negative aspect of things. That’s why happiness is a choice. I realized that several years ago and since then I’ve tried to make that choice every single day.

My friend Jeni shared this on Facebook today and I absolutely loved it.

“Happiness should be chosen every day, not just the day you get something you want. It’s easy to think ‘I’ll be happy when I finally get that house or have more money…or when I get married.’ Happiness starts here…right now…in this moment. Choose it and watch that simple attitude of joy transform your life.”

It is easy to think that you’ll be happy once such-and-such happens. To be perfectly honest, I battle that mindset a lot. Right now we live in a small basement suite rental that, quite frankly, needs some fixing up. It’s easy for me to look at everything wrong with the suite and think that I’ll be happy once we have our own house. Right now, my husband is out of town almost more than he’s home. It’s easy for me to have a  bitter attitude about his job and think that I’ll be happy once he can work regular hours in town.

The simple truth though is that once those such-and-such things happen (for me- once we have our own place and my husband works regular hours) there will be another such-and-such… another thing that we think we have to have to be happy. It can become a never ending cycle… if you let it.

Or you can just choose to be happy now.

29 Things I

Today, because it’s the 29th of February, I’m writing down 29 random things that make me happy right now.

  1. My husband. He makes me happy every day. He puts a smile on my face no matter how I’m feeling. He’s silly and he’s my best friend and it makes me so happy that I get to do life with him.
  2. I have a new nephew who’s just a little more than a month old… and he’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. We got to meet him over FaceTime last night.
  3. Spring is on its way, slowly but surely!
  4. My husband has work. The economy isn’t the greatest in Alberta right now and there’s a lot of people who don’t have work. Levi does. It may be slower than usual these days, but he has work and that definitely is something to be happy about.
  5. My space heater. It’s -13 today and I am oh-so-happy about the heat it’s putting out.
  6. The Christmas lights that are still up in our bedroom make me happy every time I plug them in. They’ll probably stay up until next Christmas.
  7. The tulips on my coffee table. I love having fresh flowers in the house!
  8. Early morning snuggles before Levi heads off to work.
  9. My favourite restaurant finally opened in Edmonton! No more waiting until we’re in Calgary to get my Nando’s fix.
  10. Coffee humour. All day, every day.
  11. My mom sent me a big box of baking supplies for my birthday. She definitely knows how to make a girl happy.
  12. My Stress Away roll-on. Also a gift from my mom. I love the scent, I love what it does.
  13. It’s time to file our taxes… which means our tax-refund is just around the corner. Tax refunds make me happy.
  14. Half-price Monday’s at Domino’s. Probably not great for any sort of healthy lifestyle… but I definitely love cheap pizza. ;)
  15. The new colours I’m using in my blog design. (teal, coral, and yellow.) They’re so bright and cheery!
  16. I never thought this would be something that makes me happy… but my new compost bin definitely does. #HousewifeLife  ha.
  17. I saved some greenery cuttings from my Valentine’s Day bouquet and there are new leaf buds starting to grow! I love watching the growth. (and I’m wondering if I’ll see roots start to form soon?)
  18. A clean house… and especially a clean kitchen makes me happy.
  19. Puppy videos make me happy. Cat videos make me happy. Basically any video with an animal in it makes me happy.
  20. A hot cup of tea… preferably with a little honey and a splash of milk. You guys know I love my coffee, but I definitely love a good cup of earl grey every now and then too. (I’m sipping on one right now in fact.)
  21. Packing my husband’s lunch. I don’t get to very often with him on the road so much, but I love doing it when I get the chance.
  22. My fuzzy slippers. I found them on clearance at Walmart after Christmas and knew I had to have them. They’re bright and funky and wonderfully warm and cozy.
  23. Blog comments make me happy. I genuinely love when someone takes time out of their day to leave a comment here. I received a comment the other day on a post I’d written a few months ago saying how much the person related to what I’d written… and it made my entire day!
  24. Social media. It gets a bad rap for taking up too much time, distracting us from more important things, or making us feel inadequate or like we don’t have enough… and sure, if you let it consume you it could be all those things. But as someone who moved over 2,000 miles away from home, let me tell you that I appreciate social media for keeping me connected. Plus there are so many beautiful accounts to follow!
  25. I’m happy with how confident I’ve become in the kitchen. I substitute ingredients without hesitation, modify existing recipes and create new ones… things I never would have done two years ago.
  26. Candles make me happy. And thanks to my sisters, I have a pretty awesome collection of them.
  27. My birthday is this weekend! I’m pretty excited about 22. And birthday cupcakes. And birthday Nando’s
  28. Printing photos make me happy… especially when I get a coupon for a free 16×20. That really makes me happy.
  29. Receiving letters and cards in the mail (and sending them!). It’s so fun to get ‘snail mail’ now that almost everything is digital.

So now that I’ve shared a few things that make me happy, I want to know… what are you happy about right now?

  • Mrs. H. - You make me happy. I cherish the memories of our times together. We had such fun.
    Have yourself a very Happy Birthday!!!!!

    With love,
    Mrs. H.ReplyCancel

    • Karen - aww, thank you so much Mrs. H! I cherish the memories of our times together too. I think about you often!ReplyCancel

  • Megs - Road tripping to Edmonton makes me happy. Baby snuggles from our nephew definitely makes me happy. Good friends and an awesome family make me happy. Rainy stormy March days make me happy- winter is over!!!
    A coffee date with Cora will make me happy tomorrow lol

    Xoxox Karen! See you soonReplyCancel

    • Karen - yay! all those things make me happy too! except
      a) I have yet to get baby snuggles from our nephew (need to remedy that asap!) and
      b) are you quite sure you want to give Cora coffee?? ;)
      excited to see you!!ReplyCancel

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